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About MuslimNames.com

We Lunched Our Website back in 2009 and We have been Serving the Ummah for the Last 12 Years Alhamdulillah. Over the Years We Have Become The Go To Website For Millions for Muslim Names and Islamic Parenting Worldwide.

We have Served Millions of Muslims Over The World By Promoting and helping with Islamic Parenting, Starting from Giving A New Born Muslim his/her Name to Every Islamic Duties Parents Has (As Muslim) after the Birth of their Child.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Help The Muslim Ummah retain their Muslim Identity, Practice and Culture.

Our Vision

Is to Continue Our Struggle to Help Promote Muslim Identity, Positive & Correct Islamic Practices for Parenting and Helping the Ummah find Muslim Names Based on Sunnah :)

JazzakAllah Khairan
MuslimNames.com Team
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