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14 Islamic Tips on Naming Muslim baby

1. Make Sure The Name Has A Positive meaning

The Meaning of your babys name should be positive and meaningful, Having a Positive / Humble / Meaningful Name subconsciously Reflects on your childs character when they grow up, and in society in general.

2. Prefer an Arabic Name

Try to give your baby a Meaningful Arabic Name Preferably a Positive name / word that was mentioned in Quran.

3. Avoid Names With Negative meanings

Avoid Any Names that has a Negative Meaning, It is reported that Prophet Mohammad (SAW) has Asked Sahabas to change there name various time when there name had a demeaning or Negative meaning.

4. Understand Arabic Prefixes (Bin / Binte / Umm) Before using them

If you are thinking of naming your baby with a Arabic Prefix like Bin, Binte or Umm you need to have a clear understanding of what they mean.

Arabic Name Prefix Bin : The Meaning of Bin is Son of so for example Hamza Bin Ali Means Hamza Son of Ali

Arabic Name Prefix Binte : The Meaning of Binte is Daughter Of so for example Alia Binte Ali Means Alia Daughter of Ali

Arabic Name Prefix Umm : The Meaning of Umm is Mother Of so for example Umm Aisha Means Mother of Aisha (Do Not Name your Newborn with Umm prefix)

5. Avoid Forbidden Names

There are several criteria for a name to be considered as forbidden, for example you cannot name name your self or your baby anything That is a well established name of other religion because as Muslim We are forbidden to imitate any religion/cult, Any Name of any god or claimed saint of other religion, Any Name that Promotes Shirk/Bidah or anything un Islamic, You cannot also name your baby with Any Names of Allah.

6. Add Kuniyah (Honorary / Family title) or Fathers Last Name

It is mentioned in the Quran that a persons name should have his or hers Fathers name. Quran Allah Says

Call them by [the names of] their fathers; it is more just in the sight of Allah . But if you do not know their fathers - then they are [still] your brothers in religion and those entrusted to you. And there is no blame upon you for that in which you have erred but [only for] what your hearts intended. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful. (Q: Surah Al-Ahzab 33.5)

7. Use Abdul Instead of AL, if Your Naming From Allahs Name

If you Are Naming your Baby From 99 Names Of Allah, then Make Sure to use the Suffix Abdul (example : Abdul Rahman) meaning Servant of the Most Merciful DO NOT NAME your baby Ar Rahman meaning Most Merciful That is a name of Allah

8. Do Aqiqah On the 7th day from Birth

It is reported in hadith that Prophet Mohammad (SAW) has Asked muslim to do Aqiqah on the 7th day from Birth, so try to do it on the 7th day. Also if for some reason you did not do it on the 7th day then you can do it on a later date. If you cant afford it then you can do give some Sadaqah or just even can Make duah for your newborn.

9. Try to name Siblings with a Similar Name

If you have more then one kids then try to give them similar names, This helps siblings bonding and love for each other, Prophet Mohammad (SAW) Named his grandson Hassan and Hussain :D

10. Use Appropriate Name For Babys Gender

Avoid giving your baby a name that is established as a name for the Opposite gender.

11. Talk with your local Imam

Once you have finalized or short listed names for your baby, Visit your local masjid and talk with the imam for his advice on the name you are about to give to your child.

12. Give Your baby Girl a Female Sahabi Name

Find a Female Shabi Name For You Baby Girl.

12. Give Your baby Boy a Male Sahabi Name

Find a Male Shabi Name For You Baby Boy.

14. Chose from a Prophets Name

Find A Name for your newborn from the 25 Prophets mentioned in Quran.

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